2018 Nissan Leaf makes global debut – Is lighter, greener, faster

The new 2018 Nissan Leaf gets Pro-PILOT and e-Pedal among its new technology features.

2018 Nissan Leaf receives a brand new design and engine making it not only better looking but with latest technology and more enhanced performance than its predecessor. Among these new technologies is ProPILOT single lane autonomous driving technology.

This system allows fully automatic control over distance of vehicle in front at speeds of 30 kmph and 100 kmph. It also steers the vehicle and centers it in the lane and bring the new Nissan Leaf to a complete stop with a touch of the accelerator to reactivate ProPILOT. ProPILOT also ensured autonomous parking functions with 12 ultrasonic sensors to steer the vehicle into a parking spot.

e-Pedal is another innovative feature to be seen on 2018 Nissan Leaf which is offered as standard. It enables acceleration, deceleration, stop even on steep inclines and hold via the accelerator pedal and this single pedal set up can be used for over 90% functions.

Further technology on board the new Leaf is intelligent lane intervention, lane departure warning, intelligent emergency braking, blind spot warning, traffic sign recognition, rear cross traffic alert and intelligent around view monitor.

Set to go on display at the Frankfurt Motor Show later this month, sales of the 2018 Nissan Leaf will commence from October in Japan and from early 2018 in the US, Canada and Europe. Prices are slated to start from $29,990 (INR 19,26,707). Nissan is also expected to consider the new Leaf for Africa.



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