Bajaj Dominar vs Social Media TVC backfires – Owners unhappy, Royal Enfield fans happy

Bajaj's all new Dominar vs Social Media TVC has not gone down well with the biking fraternity. Not only enthusiasts, but also owners of Dominar are upset with the TVCs.

Bajaj Auto has been actively promoting their new flagship, Dominar. Launched less than a year ago, the flagship, Dominar is not only the fastest, and most powerful Bajaj ever, but also the most feature laden bike for its price. Pitched against Royal Enfield, Bajaj had expected to achieve about 10,000 average monthly sales. That has not happened as Dominar sales average at about 1,500 units monthly.

To push sales this Diwali, Bajaj has now launched a series of three new ads. These new ads were launched under the title ‘Dominar vs Social Media’. In each of the three ads, Dominar was given a specific task. Harman Singha, from the famous web-series of AISHA on Arre Youtube channel hosts all three videos.

The first, “Dominar Vs Social media Episode 1: Hyper-performance Vs Hyper tweet”, shows how a Dominar has to reach the speed of 140 kmph before a user types a tweet of 140 character. If the Twitter user finishes first, there will be flames thrown on the finish line, and the Dominar rider will have to cross the finish line through flames. But that does not happen as the Dominar rider is faster. The idea behind this ad was to show Dominar’s acceleration. Watch the ad below.

In the second ad, “Dominar Vs Social media: Episode 2 Hyper-agility Vs Hyper swipe”, Dominar is pitted against a dating app user. In this ad, Bajaj shows how a Dominar can beat gravity by performing hyper-agility moves. The Dominar rider has to ride through a series of twists and turns in order to reach a girl waiting on the other side. If the rider does it before the dating app user finds the same girl in his app, Dominar wins. Watch the ad below.

The third ad is titled – “Dominar Vs Social media Episode 3: Hyper-control Vs Hyper selfie”. In this ad, Bajaj shows how effective the brakes are of the Dominar. Equipped with dual channel ABS and disc brakes, the Dominar has to accelerate from the start point and stop itself exactly at a marked spot, which is on a plastic layer splattered with water. A group of girls are standing there taking a selfie. The Dominar rider has to reach the girls in time to photobomb their selfie. Watch the video below.

Like our readers, we too failed to connect with these new ads of Dominar. In spite of being ridiculed by most, the videos have taken on a viral nature, and register over 8 million views (80+ lakh) on YouTube. Surprisingly, on Facebook, where videos usually get more views, the same three videos have registered just 30,000 views.

Fans and owners are not happy the way Bajaj has showcased their Dominar in these ads. They have voiced their opinion in the form of comments on the respective videos. Below is a look at some of comments on the new Dominar TVCs.

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