Bajaj Pulsar modified to look like old Suzuki Hayabusa for less than Rs 2 lakhs

Difficult to find out that it's not an original Hayabusa!

We have come across our fair share of extensively modified cars and bikes, far fetched replicas, and unique pieces of tastefully customized machines, but this one easily wins the incognito contest! On a quick first glance, even by a trained eye, this particular two wheeler passes as the old gen Suzuki Hayabusa.

Would you believe it if we say that this motorcycle started its life as a Bajaj Pulsar 180? We wouldn’t blame you if you find it hard to swallow this piece of info. In fact, we ourselves had our reservations regarding the authenticity of the modjob.

It simply looks too good to be true but then a thorough inspection and a bit of background check convinced us that it’s one of those rare near-perfect replicas.

The Delhi-based GM Custom not only managed to source the entire Hayabusa body kit and an extensive range of spare parts but also managed to get the wheelbase (and hence, the overall proportions) spot on.

One had to be hard pressed to spot the give away signs such as thinner telescopic front fork (the Hayabusa employs a sturdier USD unit), smaller twin discs at the front wheel, foot pegs, Pulsar 220 headlight, and a light duty chain sprocket set.

Price for this modification is in the range of Rs 2 lakhs. This is not the only modification done by GM Customs. They had earlier done a Hero Karizma modification, and made it look lik new gen Hayabusa. Take a look at that in the image gallery below.

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