Farmer builds Lamborghini at home, using his 100cc motorcycle engine – Listen to exhaust note

A farmer in South East Asia has made himself a replica of an INR 5 crore Lamborghini Aventador Supercar by using an engine from a motorcycle.

Unable to afford the real supercar, this farmer from South East Asia has constructed a replica of the Lamborghini Aventador and powered it by an engine from an old motorcycle. Such is his passion for a supercar that he has paid great attention to detail of this scaled down version.

He has given it custom made body panels and a fully functional, electrically operated retractable hard top that folds into the engine bay. The farmer has also adorned the Lamborghini, which he has painted in black and off white, with adjustable height suspension, movable spoiler, LED fog lamps and projector head and tail lamps in his efforts to copy the real supercar.

Hand built in the farmer’s garage, the exclusive Lamborghini gets its power from a 100cc single cylinder motorcycle engine as against the 690 bhp V12 engine that is seen on the original. A peek into the interiors reveals that the farmer has even paid greater detail to the cabin, copying the original Lamborghini Aventador in whatever way he can.

Even the instrument cluster look as if it is lifted from the motorcycle and fitted to the Lamborghini while inside there is a pair of bucket seats, steering mounted paddle shifters and even the Lamborghini trademark jet fighter style starter button.

Motorcycle engine.

Take a look at the images and video below.

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