Owner of 2007 Honda Accord spends Rs 25 lakhs to make it look like Lamborghini Aventador

While some buyers can afford the real supercar, there are others who take the modified route.

Lamborghini Aventador prices start at INR 5.01 crores. At this price tag, not everyone can afford a Lamborghini. But what if there is a diehard fan, who has the heart to buy a Lamborghini, but not the money.

Well, here is an example of one such owner. A 2007 Honda Accord V6 was turned into a Lamborghini Aventador by modification specialists Modcar Trendz of Mumbai.

The entire cost of customization was Rs 25 lakhs which excluded cost of donor car and the end result makes it difficult to tell the difference between original supercar and the modified Honda Accord turned Lamborghini Aventador.

While the replica sports a similar two door coupe body style, Modcar Trendz has given the Accord the distinct Lamborghini orange exterior paint job. Though the real supercar is much lower and wider than its copied counterpart, the similarity is striking. Each panel of the Honda Accord was given an Aventador makeover, head and tail lamps were modified as were the bumpers that exactly ape the Aventador right down to the scissors doors.

Apart from exterior makeover, the modifiers have spruced up interiors giving the Accord a Lamborghini stance with similar dashboard design and central console. Sporty racing seats take the place of the old Honda Accord seats and steering wheel also bears a sportier look.

No changes have been made to the engine and though exuding Lamborghini Aventador charm both where its exterior design and interior makeup is concerned, the modified car still runs on the Honda Accord 3.0 liter V6 engine offering 244 bhp power.

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