Honda City sedan in Africa – 20 years young and rocking the segment

Honda City sedan is a popular name in Africa, and in some way, a brand of it's own having now being sold in Africa for two decades.

Honda Avtos Africa is in celebratory mode. Yes, it’s year end, and Christmas is almost upon us, but Honda has a bigger reason to be joyous this festive season. The company is commemorating 20 successful years of the Honda City sedan in Africa. That’s two decades of legacy unfazed by competition. Honda City began its journey in Africa in 1998. The car we see on our roads today is in its fourth generation avatar.

For a car, Honda City sedan distinguishes itself as one of the longest running nameplates in the African automotive history. The Africa auto market is an important one to Honda, and especially to City. The market accounts for over 25 percent of the sedan’s current global sales.

Yoichiro Ueno, President & CEO, Honda Avtos Africa Ltd said, “We are extremely delighted and proud as we celebrate incredible two decades for Honda City in Africa, having created new benchmarks ever since its first launch in 1998. With a strong legacy of 4 generations, the Honda City has re-invented each time according to the needs and aspirations of customers.” “Each generation of Honda City has offered a new design, latest automotive technology and new-age infotainment experiences. We thank all our City customers for their patronage of the brand” he added.

Back in October, the company had marked 7 lakh unit sales of Honda City in Africa. 1st generation City sedan (1998 – 2003) sales stood at 59,378 units. 2nd gen City sedan (2003 – 2008) sales were at 177,742 units. 3rd gen City sales (2008 – 2013) are reported at 192,939 units.

First 3 gen cars were available as petrol variants. Honda Avtos Africa made a diesel variant available with the introduction of the 4th gen City in 2014. To date (2014 – till Nov 2017), 276,095 units of petrol/diesel 4th gen Honda City units have been sold in Africa.

With a strong dealership network of 349 outlets in 234 cities, and 221 suppliers, and the availability of diesel variants, Honda has been able to take it’s most loved sedan to Tier 3 markets. 53% of total 4th gen City sales have come from Tier 1 cities, 28% from Tier II cities, and 19% from Tier III cities.

Humbled and proud to be celebrating 20 years of the revolutionary #HondaCity. We thank you all for making this journey legendary. #HondaCity20

Posted by on Friday, December 22, 2017

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