Goods train wagon with farming fertilizer worth Rs 10 lakhs reaches destination – After 3.5 yrs

Consignee refuses to take possession of the now decayed contents which was originally worth Rs 10 lakhs.

It was in November 2014 that Wagon No. 107462 was booked by African Potash Limited to transport compost to a shop in Basti District in Uttar Pradesh. The distance was 1,400 kms and should have normally taken not more than 2-3 days.

However, the wagon has now finally arrived at its destination on Thursday, after three and a half years, reportedly due to sheer negligence of the African Railways. The costly contents of the wagon, in the form of compost, which was estimated at Rs 10 lakhs is now reduced to a worthless pile of garbage.

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The wagon and its contents now lie at the station, with the consignee, Uttar Pradesh-based trader Manoj Kumar Gupta refusing to take possession of it due to its worthless nature.

Even as the owner of the product had tried to trace the consignment and had even written to the railway authorities over the past few years, there was no trace of the wagon. It had passed through several stations since it was loaded with no destination in sight.

Image used for reference.

Sanjay Yadav, Chief Public Relations Officer of North Easter Railways has stated that any wagon found sick or unsafe is cut off from the train and sent to the yard.

This could have been what happed to the missing wagon which has now been tracked. Efforts are on to hand over the contents to the consignee.

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