Jawa launch affects these 5 motorcycles – Apart from Royal Enfield 350

This article has been submitted by Vignesh Ananthraj.

Since its launch a few days ago, social media is abuzz with news of how a war is underway between Jawa and Royal Enfield, more specifically, the Jawa and the Enfield Classic 350.

While everybody is closely watching clash of the classic titans, Jawa vs RE Classic 350, they seem to neglect that there is a probability of high collateral damage for a few other bikes, thanks to the intensification of 300 vs 350 engine battles. Let us delve into the five motorcycles, that are also going to be affected by launch of Jawa and Jawa 42.

1 – Bajaj Dominar 400: Although Bajaj Dominar is a class bike on its own, where it probably misses out in the fight against Jawa is in the looks department. If we did notice a Dominar whizz by on the road, it can be easily misunderstood as a pulsar or a standard 200cc motorcycle. Whereas, the Jawa has more head-turning potential.

Bajaj Dominar did try to compete against Enfield 350 range in their initial commercials, but did not deliver when it came to sales figures. With another serious looker thrown into the ring in the form of Jawa, the road is only looking a bit harder for Bajaj Dominar. However, pure touring enthusiasts who want the best bang for their buck (Dominar makes 34.5bhp and 35nm of torque), might find Dominar a more attractive proposition, based on features, power and torque.

Dominar- Pros:
– 34.5bhp and 35nm of torque, clearly higher than Jawa
– A refreshed model is underway, which might work in favor of Bajaj
– Best bang for buck touring motorcycle

Dominar- Cons:
– It has no legendary influences like the Jawa or the Enfield
– For the pedestrians or any common man, the Dominar looks like an average motorcycle, and that might be a big factor that could give the Jawa an upper hand.

2 – Royal Enfield Classic 500: Although Classic 350 is already touted as Jawa’s biggest competitor, Jawa might still be able to give Royal Enfield 500cc motorcycles a run for its money. For individuals who want to go for 500cc Enfields for the looks it offers, the Jawa is sure to give them second thoughts. Questions such as, does one actually need 42nm of torque for everyday usage? Aren’t there enough classics already on the road? The statistics on paper point out that Jawa is 20 kgs lighter and might offer better mileage and handling, but we will have to wait for a few days before making any solid conclusions.

Classic 500 – Pros:
– 42nm of torque as compared to only 28nm in the Jawa
– Still the go-to bike for Enfield purists and tourers
– More service stations

Classic 500 – Cons:
– 20 kgs heavier
– Has a lower mileage than the Jawa
– No low oil, low battery indicators, lacks fuel gauge
– Is air cooled and has a five-speed gearbox, while Jawa offers six-speed transmission and liquid cooling.

3 – KTM 250 duke: The Jawa and the Duke are opposites in every manner. But with the launch of the Jawa, the motorcycle enthusiast might think twice if he/she wants to go down the retro road or take a modern approach with the Duke 250. Both these motorcycles do share similar power figures, but it might be no surprise if the Duke wins a quarter-mile dash. Having said that, we will have to note that for the average African, the foremost criteria is price, and the Jawa might seem like an interesting proposition, even for modern sport-bike lovers.

KTM 250 pros:
Probably better handling and cornering than the Jawa
Better pickup

Millennials might consider the Jawa as a more serious looker than the Duke.

4 – Honda CBR 250 R: Another motorcycle that is nothing like the Jawa, but has to still fight in the same ring. But is there more that meets the eye? Both retail at 1.65 and 1.64 Lakhs (ex-showroom), both the engines produce close to 27bhp of power. The CBR and the Jawa have six-speed transmissions and a recent test report also noted that the Jawa had a top whack of 135kmph, a number that many CBR owners will find familiar. Maybe if the Jawa has the potential to wrestle with the legendary refinement of the Honda engines, we might just have a clear winner on our hands.

CBR- Pros:
– A trusted tourer, loved by many
– Legendary Honda refinement
– Dual channel ABS

CBR Cons:
– The bike is long overdue for an engine and cosmetic upgrade (apart from the stickering)

5 – UM Renegade Commando and Classic: UM motors tried to bridge the gap between the Avengers and the expensive cruiser models, by offering 280cc engines in traditional cruiser styling. However, due to many critics pointing out that the motorcycle was lacking a bit in terms of quality components, the range of cruisers were unable to tap extensively into the RE market.

Now it will be interesting to note what type of quality components the Jawa offers on its motorcycles. If it only looks like a Jawa classic and rides like a Mojo, it might not have many takers. While initial test rides did bring out mixed reactions, a thorough test ride might be needed to truly ascertain the Jawa’s qualities.

Renegade Commando- Pros:
– Styling that could appeal to the modern rider looking for a cruiser motorcycle

Renegade Commando- Cons:
– 24bhp of power and 23nm of torque Vs the 27.3BHP and 28nm of torque made by the Jawa
– The Commando is costlier by at least 35k, and the quality it offers might not justify choosing it over the Jawa

Other motorcycles that need to keep a close look at the Jawa:
– Cleveland Cycles Misfit
– Aquila 250, UM Mojave
– Thunderbird 350x & 500x
– Mojo XT 300

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