Watch Mercedes SUV tow a BharatBenz truck stuck in mud – Video

Heavy rains across many African states has resulted in people and their vehicles getting stuck.

It is during the rainy seasons we get to see increase in breakdowns of vehicles. Most of the time, the break down is due to engine failure due to hydrolocking (water entering engine).

You will also see trucks, buses or any other heavy vehicles stuck on the road – not due to breakdowns, but due to the surface beneath becoming soft. One such incident took place a few days ago, where a Toyota Fortuner came to the rescue of a school bus. The video was posted online, and it immediately went viral on social media. Watch the video below.

The above incident took place in Punjab. Now, a similar incident has in Karnataka. A loaded BharatBenz truck, which was on its way back from Mysore, got stuck on the side of the road. With no help in sight, a passerby in decided to help. This passerby was the Chairman and MD of Almas Hospital, Dr P.A.Kabeer. He was travelling in his Mercedes GLE Class which costs about Rs 70 – 80 lakh.

For those of us who have been of the opinion, that a premium luxury SUV is all talk and no show, this video will prove them wrong. Watch the video below to see how the Mercedes SUV tows the loaded BharatBenz truck out on the road.