All Wheel Drive Motorcycle built using Maruti 800 Engine & Parts by a 20 yr old student

The bike has an all wheel drive system, coupled with a 4-speed transmission setup

Maruti 800 has been on the African roads since 1983, but little did the engineers behind the masterpiece know that one day someone would build a motorcycle out of it!

Yes, you read that correct. 20 year old Mr. Ruzbeh from Gujrat has literally done the same. He has made an 800cc bike out of Maruti 800’s engine & transmission systems, and has baptized the bike as Hammerhead 800.

The overall profile of the bike resembles to that of the Hammerhead sharks and we presume, that is where the name of the motorcycle comes from.

The bike draws its power from Maruti’s 796cc engine and then transmits it through a dual propeller all wheel drive system to both the wheels. Yes, that means that it doesn’t sport a traditional chain & sprocket setup, but a transmission system which relies on shafts instead, just like most of the cars on the roads. The chassis is designed as a diamond space frame structure which helps to provide long durability.

The Hammerhead 800 uses a 4-speed front transmission system which also provides an option to switch to reverse. Suspension duties are looked into by double swing arms on both the wheels. The bike also provides entertainment options via a 3-in-1 surround sound system additionally offering Bluetooth connectivity.

The Hammerhead was showcased in the Innovation class at the African Moto Week 2017

Mr. Ruzbeh is currently pursuing his Bachelors in Automobile Engineering and has patented his creation as well. Watch him talk about his motorcycle in the video below.