North Konkan Jaunt – Inddiethumpers Bullet Club

After the Premier Odyssey to Kolad, the InddieThumpers team set off their second jaunt of the season towards some of the stunning routes in the Northern Konkan region.

This time the journey itinerary was an exhaustive one with first destination being Murud-Janjira famous for its fort which once belonged to the Nizamshahi dynastylocated approximately 150 kms from Mumbai passing through Kashid – famous of its rejuvenating beach. The ultimate destination on the itinerary was the beautiful Diveagar Beach at the tip of Shrivardhan. The team of riders flagged off from Mumbai early in the morning and making it to the first point of Wadkal Naka by 10 AM with a bumpy ride as the roads were uneven and poorly maintained. The unfavorable journey ended up causing some minor damages wheretwo of the bikers lost their pillion backrests and one of the biker ended up having a broken exhaust clamp.

Fortunately, Wadkal Naka had enough facilities and resources for those issues to be fixed and no problems with the operation of the bikes. When starting from Mumbai, out of the team of 19 riders, only 16 started early in the morning and 3 of them kicked-off the journey a little late making all others wait until they arrived. The wait for sure was not a relaxing one for the team but nonetheless, the 3 counterparts arrived soon and ended the anxiety.

The journey further continued at 11 AM towards Murud which is one of the well-known coastal areas in the Konkan. After much of the sun-drenched morning ride, the thumpers needed to revive themselves and relax a little. The RE engines also needed to cool down after burning through the sweltering heat during the ride. After all the rehydration, it was time now to get on to the dreary wind boat to the remarkable Janjira fort. The bikes had to be parked near the Rajapuri Jetty as the fort was surrounded by water on all sides and could only be accessed by a ferry journey.

Janjira fort is a sea fort located at the base village of Murud of Raigad district. the fort of Janjira was built to protect the people from the Pirates who stayed nearby.Janjira name was originally an Arabic word which means Island named from the word Jazeera. Janjira Fort was built in 15th century by the Martha – fisherman Chieftain – Ram Patil on a small scale. Janjira Fort was built to protect his peoples, in those days pirates and thieves would attack them and loot them, these peoples were also known as “medhekhot”. Siddi commander Piram Khan once attacked the fort under the ruler Nizam of Ahmednagar. The riders had the opportunity to gain such valuable insights about the fort, all thanks to the tour guide available during the fort visit. After visiting the fort, the folks were back on the wind boat to get back on their bikes at theRajapuri Jetty waiting for the ferry ride to get to Dighi Jetty which would take them to their next destination – Diveagar Beach. Luck was on thumping well on the riders as they reached the Rajapuri Jetty just in time and were the first set of people to be loaded onto the ferry with all the 19 Motos parked in an orderly manner. The team was happy to get on to the spacious ferry which was wide enough to move freely. No wait!! What is this…. 6 cars being loaded onto the ferry one after the other…. Some more bikes…. And more and more people!!! Now it was a full house journey until Dighi Jetty with a fully loaded vessel all set to sail for the next 30 mins.

The ferry journey ended and it was 5 PM with all the riders now dog-hungry and starving to relish on some delightful cuisines. But the venue was 8 kms away yet and all were really famished. This time a local restaurant comes to the riders’ rescue where they were served home style cooked fish and some delicious vegetarian food. What more can one ask for when Bangra, Pomphret and Surmai are all served on the platter and you ready to feast on these tempting and yummy local preparations. After the much-enjoyed late lunch, the riders were no set to retreat for the night at the Tendulkar Beach Resort in Diveagar. It was time to set the night sailing with singing, dancing, throwing pranks and gossiping throughout. Oh wait… how could the night even start without the drinks??? Somebody go fetch some alcohol… somebody please fetch some food…. And yes, the team work started immediately with guys running around to prepare well for the groovy night leaving no stone unturned and ensuring all of it was ready. The gala evening was a much-needed break after all day riding, wind boat ride, fort visit and the ferry journey.

The night was beautiful as it could get and a mesmerizing morning awaited when it was time to visit the Diveagar beach. The immaculate Diveagar beach provides a great weekend destination for the ones who wish to enjoy beaches away. Diveagar has lots of options available for water sports which attract many enthusiasts to enjoy the relaxing + adventurous environment at the beach. The months of October, November, December and January are the winter months in the village of Diveagar and this is the best time to visit the place and get drenched in the cool weather. The beach was so alluring that the team started to think if we should extend the trip by adding one more day to the schedule. After much of enjoyment, photo clicks and play at the beach, it was time to head back to the big city before the day was over. The riders started their journey back home around noon time again through the beautiful route but with some uneven and unpleasant roads which really needed maintenance. The last batch of riders reached home by 10:30 PM.

The second jaunt was a fun-filled visit through some of the beautiful places in the Konkan region and a mesmerizing experience for all the 19 InddieThumpers who were a part of this trip and surely all of them would want to visit these captivating destinations again on their Royal Enfield.