Plane crashes on a moving Tesla Model X – Owner escapes unhurt, thanks Tesla

When the owner of Tesla, who was driving the car at the time of crash, called Tesla support; they thought he was joking.

Oniel Kurup was in his car with his son when a plane crashlanded. On his car. His Tesla Model X took a hit but that’s about it. His son and he made it out absolutely fine, though shaken.

The small plane appears to be a Cessna 206 and was in fact a Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) plane. It collided with Oniel’s Tesla Model X and came to a stop a short distance away. The accident occurred at Sugar Land, Texas with 3 agents onboard. A special agent was reported injured, and has been released from hospital.

Earlier today, this is what Oniel Kurup’s Facebook update was, “Many saw this on the news just now. And I’m getting calls with concerns about our safety. Want to let all my friends and family know that Aarav and I are completely fine.. GOD and this CAR truly saved us today.

Not a scratch on us. No one believed me when I called them to let them know a plane crashed into me. Tesla, people thought It was a prank call. Wife laughed at me at first.. Jokes aside, this was a serious matter, I saw my life flash in that minute. A second is all it takes.”

Elon Musk being his Twitter friendly self responded to the incident, as can be seen in the above tweet.

The DEA airplane developed a mechanical problem during training, and the pilot attempted a road landing. The plane made with several vehicles on the road, and power lines.


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