First TVS Apache 310 with aftermarket exhaust – Under tail custom Akrapovic mufflers

Here is the first TVS Apache 310 mod job.

Disclaimer – As the manufacturer (TVS Motor Company) has blacklisted Rushlane from it’s events/rides as a consequence of decisions based on restrictive practices, this post is written on a third party video of independent copyright sourced from social media.

Launched back on 6th December 2017, deliveries of the new TVS Apache 310 have been slow. Many customers who had made booking in the first week of launch, are yet to get deliver. Slowly but steadily, more and more owners are finally getting delivery of their new Apache 310.

At the time of launch, many had complained about the way exhaust of TVS Apache 310 looked. Some were even of the opinion to get it replaced the minute they purchase the bike. It seems, one owner from Chandigarh has actually gone ahead and done that.

Verma Automotives is a bike modification specialist, based in Chandigarh. They have now shared a video of a brand new TVS Apache 310 fitted with after-market exhaust with dual working under tail custom Akrapovic mufflers. Below is a short video along with exhaust note.

The cost for the exhaust with installation is Rs 14,000. Though this exhaust looks good than the stock option, it does come in way of the rear design, which spoils the show. First of all, the tail lights are not completely visible. We all know how good the LED taillights look at night. Second, the pillion will have to be extra careful, with his / her hands and legs.

But, the exhaust note of this modified Apache 310 is much better than the stock. So if you are in it for the sound, this is definitely one of the exhausts you should consider installing.

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