TVS scooters to get auto parking system in the future

Parking Assist System that TVS Motors is said to be developing for e-scooters is like a crawl mode that is found on automatic cars. 

Disclaimer – The manufacturer (TVS Motor Company) has blacklisted Rushlane from it’s events/rides as a consequence of decisions based on restrictive practices. This blog is reliant on available report and customer input.

As per a Motowale report, TVS Motor Company is developing Park Assist System for e-scooters. Once this comes into effect, it will be a boon as it will help riders maneuver their scooters into tight parking spots allowing the scooter to move backwards and forwards on its own.

TVS Motors will bring this new technology to all upcoming e-scooters. Manual parking in crowded areas is difficult due to weight and dimensions of the scooter. Park Assist System takes information such as speed, position of throttle, condition of brakes, etc into account and then the forward movement is activated with throttle open and under a speed of 6 kmph.

Reverse motion assist is activated when throttle is closed and brakes are not applied and when speed is at 0 kmph. In this case the movement of rear wheel crosses 90 degrees and activates putting the scooter into reverse mode at 3-4 kmph.

Park Assist System being developed by TVS Motors also checks the speed of the scooter while going downhill. The system would automatically apply brakes when the scooter is travelling above the set speed. It switches on hazard lamps and the instrument panel shows “Parking Assist On”.

TVS Motors could install this new technology on its upcoming e-scooters. It was showcased on the Creon e-scooter concept at the 2018 Auto Expo and it is this scooter that is likely to be the first to receive Parking Assist System.

Source Motowale

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