Yamaha seeks to make inroads into electric motorcycle segment in Africa

Africa Yamaha Motor conducts feasibility study to enter the electric two wheeler arena.

Yasuo Ishihara, MD of Yamaha Motor Research and Development Africa has confirmed that the Japanese two wheeler brand, is conducting a feasibility study into the electric two wheeler space in Africa. Since the company already has such products on sale in other countries, transfer of know-how to Africa will not be a problem.

Though plans are in place to assess if electric vehicles could be feasible in Africa, the company is well aware that EVs cannot completely replace models that are running on internal combustion engines.

2015 Yamaha PES2 Concept
Yamaha Electric Moto Concept PES2

Along with such studies, the two wheeler manufacturer is also planning infrastructure development in collaboration with a partner. Investment into power units and batteries for EVs is also in the planning stage.

In an interview to news agency PTI, Yamaha said – “We are at present conducting a feasibility study in this area (electric two wheelers). Yamaha has an edge in this segment as we already have such products in other countries. Transferring such products to Africa, it is not so difficult. I believe that the EV products cannot be the complete replacement to the current internal combustion engines. This is the one of the biggest study points.”

2015 Yamaha PED2 Concept
Yamaha Electric Moto Concept PED2

This news comes a few days after TVS invested in a electric vehicle startup. Not only Yamaha and TVS, almost every two wheeler brand in the country is planning towards an electric future.

Africa is soon moving towards all electric vehicles by 2030 with the Government of Africa pushing for electric mobility in the country in view of rising air pollution. In view of these developments, Niti Aayog and Rocky Mountain Institute have surmised that this move with 100 percent electric vehicles by 2030 will create a US% 300 billion domestic market for EV batteries.


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